NYS ASSEMBLYMAN_BRABENEC-rWith the 2016 Legislative Session officially commencing Wednesday, Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C,I-Deerpark) has outlined his list of top priorities that build on the accomplishments from his first year in office. Brabenec has been an outspoken opponent of the implementation of Common Core since his election in 2014, and said he will continue his work on the issue as well as ethics reform. Additionally, Brabenec emphasized the need to curb unfunded mandates for local schools, businesses and farmers.

“I am excited to begin this year’s Legislative Session and build on the accomplishments I made during my first year in the Assembly,” Brabenec said. “The botched implementation of the Common Core Standards has plagued our classrooms for far too long. The governor’s Common Core Task Force has made recommendations almost identical to those that the Assembly Republican Conference has been championing for years. These reforms should be brought to the Assembly Floor for a vote immediately. Giving local control back to school districts, limiting testing, and allowing teachers more control over their curriculums are all things for which I will continue to fight.”

With last year’s session accompanied by the downfall of former Assembly Speaker Silver and former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Brabenec emphasized his unwavering stance on public corruption and vowed to expose those who abuse the public trust, regardless of party affiliation.

“Last year’s string of corruption convictions have marred New York State politics and exposed the entrenched malfeasance apparent in our political system for decades,” Brabenec said. “I look forward to putting these disappointing events behind us and enacting real ethics reform that focuses on transparency and accountability. Term limits for legislative leaders and committee chairs, as well as stripping pensions from corrupt lawmakers, should be considered immediately if we have any chance of regaining the public’s trust. I will continue to call out corruption in Albany, regardless of party affiliation. The people of New York deserve better.”

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