He’s the OTHER Moshe Turner

The other Moshe Turner, from Baltimore, Maryland
The other Moshe Turner, from Baltimore, Maryland

In 2012 and 13 a notorious child abuse case involving predator Moshe Turner of Monsey, NY made headlines in Rockland County.

For every notorious criminal there are people who bear the same name and occasionally suffer undeserved damage to their reputation via name association. In the case of Turner, a Moshe Turner of Baltimore, Marlyand contacted the Rockland County Times to make his case that he’s been unduly harmed by the criminal behavior of the Turner from Monsey.

As a courtesy to the other Moshe Turner, the newspaper has agreed to run clarify he is not the Turner from Monsey.  The Baltimore Turner has launched a foundation called NICER aimed to provide relief and assistance for sufferers of narcolepsy.

The NICER Foundation’s primary mission is to make cash grants to narcoleptics in financial crisis where the grant will either resolve the issue immediately or provide a temporary resolution which will to allow the grantee time to obtain other assistance or make other arrangements.

For more information visit https://www.nicer.ngo


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