Spectator Predictions 2016

Well, here we go again. Another year! I didn’t do too badly with my predictions for 2015. I picked the Mets to be in the World Series and that A-Rod would have a great year for the Yankees. Here we go for 2016.

 The Mets will be in the World Series, and will beat the Tigers in six games!
 The Tooth Fairy will be discovered in Central Park
 There will be a big snow storm in Rockland County at the end of January
 February will be warmer than usual
 There will be a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City.
 Trump will win in Iowa and New Hampshire.
 Because of a transgender lawsuit, Wendy’s will change its name to Hendy’s.
 Two Met pitchers will pitch no-hitters during the season.
 On April 1st, the Rockland County Times will win the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism.
 There will be no snow during July and August!
 Sharks will be seen in the Hudson River.
 Aliens from the planet Neptune will be found living in the Clarkstown Landfill. They have been getting food stamps and free college tuition for years!
 A Clarkstown Mini-Trans is hijacked in June but because of traffic on Rt. 59 the culprit can’t go anywhere.
 After the warmest winter on record, O&R is considering bankruptcy!
 Syrian refugees have been found living in the abandoned Pathmark in Nanuet. They have been getting food stamps and college tuitions!
 A drone will hit the Empire State Building in July with no damage.
 Trump wins the Republican nomination but no one wants to be his running mate.
 Hillary Clinton wins a close vote at the Democratic convention. The Spectator denies that he has been asked to be her Vice-President!
 Cablevsion and Direct TV are charging $100 to view the Hillary – Trump debates.
 DNA test claim that the Donald is an alien, having crash landed in Arizona.
 Hillary claims that her husband Bill crash landed in Arizona.
 A riot will break out in New York City during August
 A record rain fall will hit Clarkstown in July. Rowboats and canoes will travel on Rt. 304.
 In October, a national movement will start to outlaw Christmas in every state.
 The Fiji Islands will claim to have a hydrogen bomb.
 A Yankee pitcher will pitch a no-hitter in September
 A-Rod will hit 52 home runs!
 Trump will be our next President.
 Have a great, healthy New Year!

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