The murder/suicide of a married couple in Wesley Hills has sent authorities and their friends and neighbors for a loop.

John and Irene Lord showed no outside evidence of impending violence, Ramapo PD told the community. Rather, the childless married couple in their 60s appeared to be active and happy.  Detective Lt. Mark Emma told the media that police had learned “nothing from their family members (indicating) that either one had been suffering from anything medically. We have not found any financial problems. They owned two properties that seem like they were money-making: one in Florida and one in Texas.”

John Lord, 65, is who police say committed the deed. He called 911 at 7:11 a.m. the morning of February 11 and told an operator he just shot his wife, who was 63. Police arrived at the Lord residence around the time John Lord took his own life. They reported being on his property when the final two gun shots went off.

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