Correction: Village not the owner of Main St. strip mall


NYACK- The Subway franchise on Main St. in Nyack was recently evicted, however, the main street strip mall is not owned by the Village of Nyack as reported last week, but by Tali Plaza of Nyack, LLC. The village owns the surrounding parking lot.
The error was caused by a prior misreport from 2015 already circulating.

According to Orangetown Tax assessor Brian Kenny, “The village owns the surrounding parking lot, and Tali Plaza is the owner of the actual building.”
The space actually was in the name of Subway Sandwich Real Estate Corp. who then subleased the second floor franchise location to Asad Riaz, the tenant who was running the sandwich shop and who was accused of not paying rent for a period of more than four months.
Nyack Village Justice Robert Knoebel signed orders for the Rockland Sheriffs to oversee the eviction of the delinquent party. On Feb 25, Sheriff supervised the removal of Asad Raiz and staff and posted public notice at the former eatery. Mayor Jen White told the Rockland County Times, “It is always terribly sad to see a business anywhere fail, but for obvious reasons, it is particularly sad in our Village.”
Tali Plaza is a Manhasset, Long Island based company and owns multiple properties through out the tri-state area. In 2006, Tali Plaza bought mini mall, 117-125 Main Street, for $3,764,600. Previous owner was Helen Hayes Theatre group who bought the building in 2005 for $2 million.
It is not clear at this time if Subway real estate is going to find a new franchisee for the Main St location or vacate the corner store location.

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