To the Editor,

And to all Americans. Unless you have an IQ of a rock or have been under one for the last eight years, we cannot afford another Democrat for the White House. Especially not a liar like Hillary, putting the USA in danger with her email fraud. Bernie Sanders?? An avowed socialist, he will give away everything we have broken our backs to provide for our families. We can’t have either. Let’s choose a Republican and finally get America back on track. Jobs are non existent. ISIS kills every day, the government won’t get illegals out of our country and now wants to let in the refugees we can’t afford. Eight years of a black president and young blacks have their worst employment rates ever. We need a true change for our survival, don’t be suckered in by Clinton or Sanders. Please our children and grandchildren’s future depends on us to do the right thing in November.


Rosemary Mariotti

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