Bunny Cares is hopping into Palisades Center on Sunday, March 13, 2016 from 9-11 a.m. in the West Court on Level 1 near Best Buy. The event is held prior to mall opening, to accommodate the sensory, physical and developmental needs of all guests. Now in its seventh year, Bunny Cares is a partnership between Palisades Center, The Noerr Programs, the digital imaging company that provides the Bunny Photo Experience for Palisades Center, with promotional partners Autism Speaks and AbilityPath.org,.

For children with a variety of special needs, standing in line, crowds, and sounds can create disturbances and distractions. Guests will listen to social stories that explain and anticipate the actions involved during their Bunny visit, and then they engage in coloring and other activities while they wait for their number to be called for their magical visit. “It is so important to us that all children, regardless of ability, get to experience the same fun and magical moments with The Bunny,” said Rachel Chester, Marketing Director for Palisades Center. “We have created a sensory-friendly experience without potential triggers. Lights, music, and water features are muted to create a calm environment for the children.”

To reserve a time at no charge, visit www.BunnyCares.com or learn more at www.AutismSpeaks.org and www.AbilityPath.org.

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