Vinny Raffa’s Posse Turns Against Him


Koplowitz was arrested for defacing a defacement
Koplowitz was arrested for defacing a defacement

NYACK- Adam Koplowitz, 21, isn’t a fan of local sticker vandal Vinny Raffa, and even got arrested by cops proving it. Koplowitz, a Nyack resident and Rockland Community College student, was arrested in the fall by Orangetown Police for defacing illegally placed Vinny Raffa bill postings on the backside of the former Riverspace building.

Koplowitz, who served 25 hours of community service in the Village of Nyack, spoke exclusively with the Rockland County Times. “I am so sick of Vinny Raffa and him putting stickers on everything. It’s so annoying to have to see his face everywhere,” Koplowitz continued, “I thought I was doing the community a favor, why can’t the police catch him instead?”

Vincent Raffa, a Rockland resident, has been producing stickers with his likeness and claims he gives them away to kids who are distributing them on public signs, federal mailboxes, and sometimes private and commercial properties. Raffa, 52, has also been producing and affixing bill postings, known as flyposting or wild posting, which is a guerrilla marketing tactic through the act of placing advertising posters or flyers illegally or legally in public spaces.

The Raffa flyposters are very large in size and have been permanently placed on multiple signs, dumpsters, and alley ways within the Village of Nyack, and the surrounding towns. Koplowitz helped paint community property that had been vandalized and/or in need of repaint as his community service and the case has been adjourned in contemplation of dismal.

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