One of most infamous moments in Stony Point history

Sensationalist book detailing the infamous murder case and the lifestyle of those involved
Sensationalist book detailing the infamous murder case and the lifestyle of those involved

In March 1985, Rockland County was rocked by a crime which shocked virtually all people involved, and is still talked about today.
Hikers on the Stony Point, NY estate of a United Nations executive discovered the charred remains of a man wearing only a black leather mask. The body was identified as 26-year old Eigil Vesti, a male fashion model from Norway. Vesti was sexually tortured and shot in the back of his head at close range.
Police arrested Bernard J. LeGeros, the son of a United Nations official and charged him with the sexual torture and murder of Vesti. LeGeros, who worked at an art gallery in Manhattan quickly confessed to shooting Vesti after a night of sadomasochistic sex. But LeGeros claimed his millionaire art dealer boss Andrew Crispo had already stabbed Vesti to death by the time he fired the shots into his head.
LeGeros went to trial and was convicted of second-degree murder and kidnapping. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in State prison. Now, after serving thirty-one years, a State panel of three parole Commissioners will consider freeing LeGeros.
LeGeros has been rejected for parole twice in the past. Under New York law, an inmate is eligible for parole every two years after serving his/her minimum sentence. The Parole Board is required to look at all factors of an inmate’s case including his institutional record, whether he/she has completed required programs and most importantly, whether granting parole will show disregard for the law so as to derogate the serious nature of the offense. However, recent reviews of New York State Parole decisions show that many convicted murderers have been granted parole after serving their minimum sentences. In May, LeGeros’s fate is once again in the hands of three parole Commissioners.
LeGeros is currently incarcerated and housed in Attica Correctional Facility in Wyoming County in Western New York State. His prison commitment has been relatively uneventful. He has received several disciplinary “write-ups” but virtually all prisoners receive some complaints over time. LeGeros’s freedom depends on whether the selected Commissioners feel that he has served enough time to serve justice for the crimes he is convicted of committing.
Current Stony Point town justice and former police officer Bill Franks was a lead detective on the Legeros case.  The Rockland County Times will continue to follow this story and report on the parole board’s decision.

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