PATRICK FARMS RESOLVES TAX LIABILITY: County receives tax payment it could do without

Last week County Executive Ed Day announced that the county had begun tax foreclosure action on the majority of parcels that comprise the controversial proposed Patrick Farms Development, amongst over 100 other unrelated commercial properties in the county.

On Wednesday afternoon, March 23, a title insurance company representative from National Granite brought in two cashier’s checks from Capital One Bank. The first check was for the large “Patrick Farms” lot that had defaulted on there installment agreement, lot R 32.11-1-4 for $360,634.33 and a second was for lots R32 11-1-15 and R 32.11-1-16 for $24,792.24.

In other words, the owners of the Patrick Farm parcels paid in full less than 30 hours after our press conference on Tuesday morning. On the bright side, the county now receives the money it was due, but on the downside, the chance to kill the unpopular project due to unpaid taxes no longer exists.

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