Rockland County Latino Republican group endorses Donald Trump for president


The membership of the Latino National Republican Coalition of Rockland County voted this week to endorse NY businessman and presidential frontrunner Donald J. Trump for the Republican nominee for president of the United States of America.

LNRC Chairman Anthony Mele, a former Republican Congressional candidate, described Trump as a “once in a 100 year populist,” similar to Teddy Roosevelt, possessing the rare ability to toss aside political convention and engage the public’s concerns. Mele spoke favorably of Trump’s foreign policy goals, his resistance to letting high risk populations into the country, and his independence from monied lobbyists, among other things.


The LNRC describes itself as a “coalition of registered Republicans and a variety of community action groups dedicated to expanding the voting base of the Republican Party by promoting inclusion of disenfranchised citizens.”

Mele said he hopes Trump visits Rockland County while campaigning in NY. If he does the LNRC will take the opportunity to tell the aspiring leader the problems East Ramapo School District’s students are facing, he noted. The district has gained national press attention due to conflict between the community at large, which is majority minority, and the school board, which is dominated by parents of students who attend private yeshivas. “Mr. Trump seems like someone who will care,” Mele said.

In a recent twist, two weeks ago yeshivas in the district were raided by the FBI agents seeking evidence of federal loan fraud.

2010 GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is friendly with the LNRC. Paladino, who urged Trump to run for NY governor in 2014, praised Mele’s group’s endorsement of the tycoon.

Mele told the Rockland County Times that some members of the mainstream liberal media, on the other hand, were incredulous his group would support Trump following his heated rhetoric against illegal immigrants, who are mostly Latino. Mele said, in fact, many nonviolent illegal immigrants are themselves victims of criminal-oriented illegals and know the dangers such elements pose all too well.

Mele said the LNRC has successfully recruited registered Democrats in East Ramapo to switch their party affiliation to Republican in recent weeks. The LNRC group is an independent Republican club.

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