To the Editor,

To all you Trumpians and conspiracy theorists who demonize Ted Cruz and Heidi because he was part of the Bush administration and she worked for Goldman Sachs. Yes Ted Cruz worked in Bush’s administration. Bush hates Ted Cruz for suing the Bush administration and winning when Bush tried to give the U.N. control over the sovereignty of the U.S.courts. Ted broke away, suing and beating the Bush administration and the U.N. at the U.S. Supreme Court. Bush wanted to deliver the country into the control of U.N. ending our Constitution as we know it. Ted Cruz prevented that. Ted was against the Patriot Act which took away your right to a trial. As a senator he blocked renewal of the Patriot Act protecting your Bill of Rights. This is why Bush hates Cruz. Heidi is a decent woman who got a good job at a great bank.
Whereas Trump, the difference between Trump and Larry Flint is, Flint is in a wheel chair. They are both hustlers.

Thomas Cossette
Tuftonboro, NH

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