Clarkstown South Center Stage Players Have Winner with Zany “Nice Work If You Can Get It”


George and Ira Gershwin’s music circa 1912 is wrapped around the book by Joe DiPietro- inspired by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse- that tells the story well of a much married (or was he) playboy, gin bootleggers, and a tough young girl who wants someone to watch over her and results in just a great fun night for this reviewer at Clarkstown South High School.IMG_5628

“Nice Work” has so many twists and turns it gets you a little dizzy, but it is great theatre. The players of Clarkstown South Center Stage work this show just beautifully. With an amazing amount of talent, great voices, and superlative dancing, there is never a dull moment. Rebecca Zeller is a star as Billie and James DiPasquale as Jimmy Writer (the playboy) is outstanding.

The two make beautiful music together taking the Gershwin’s work to the highest level. There is the title song “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” along with “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off,” “S’Wonderful,” “Fascinating Rhythm,” “Lady Be Good,” “But Not For Me,” and “I’ve Got A Crush On You” -standards that stand the test of time and as performed by these youngsters, just delightful.

The pit orchestra, co-conducted by Will Rich and Kip Bonsignore is spot on and the direction, staging, choreography (including the Charleston and the Shimmy), and sound are all put together nicely. Director T. Eric Collins had the players well coordinated and choreographer Stephanie Costa worked wonders with this large cast. The costumes (circa 1912) by Marlu Costumes added much to the production.

Way to go Clarkstown South Center Stage! I rate “Nice Work If You Can Get It” Four Out Of Four Stars!!!!

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