Voice of the Legislative Minority: Making everyone safer

lonhofsteinBy Legislator Lon Hofstein, Republican minority leader

The safety of our own municipal buildings, and the people who work there, has been of great concern to us even before a gunman opened fire on people attending a Health Department meeting in San Bernardino, California.

People who visit and or conduct business at our Rockland County buildings are now greeted by unarmed guards who have limited training.

This type of security is not considered acceptable in Westchester nor Putnam counties.

We feel Rockland County employees, citizens, and visitors deserve a comparable level of protection from the ever increasing threat of gun violence.

That’s why a resolution was submitted by Rockland County Executive Ed Day to the County Legislature calling for 12 security guards to receive enhanced training and to be armed.

These guards would work under the supervision of Sheriff Falco and the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department to ensure proper training.

Sheriff Falco and County Executive Day have both agreed that three additional positions will be required to fulfill this task.

We are working with the members of the majority in a bipartisan effort to see that these recommendations are implemented. Making Rockland safer in a cost efficient manner is in everyone’s best interest.

We are working diligently with the County Executive, Sheriff Falco and Democratic members of the Legislative majority to work out these details.

It’s a win-win for taxpayers – they get improved security at county buildings at no additional cost.

That’s the kind of public service we want to deliver.

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