Irish Actress Visits Penguin Rep, Brings the Laughs With Her

2015-10-03 18.22.57She comes from County Tipperary, Ireland and brought to a one woman show to Penguin Rep in Stony Point.

On a bare stage with only a wooden chair and a shawl and her self written “Great American Teeth,” Fiona Walsh is very funny as she tells of her dream of coming to America complete with personal anecdotes such as her love for actor Warren Beatty. All told with a crisp Irish accent pleasing to the ears of this American audience.

Fiona acts out all the parts, herself, her mother, her father (gruff old guy), her parish priest and friends and all the folks when she finally got a passport (by hook or by crook) to come to the USA. Her fable about New York City and Broadway and the people she meets is hilarious.

Fiona Walsh is a very funny lady, great actress and it was enjoyed by the folks at Penguin Rep. I hope will be she will be back…

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