Lynch is also Assistant Town Attorney of Ramapo and Special Counsel for Village of Spring Valley


This man is Dennis Lynch's boss when he is on the clock for the Town of Ramapo
This man is Dennis Lynch’s boss when he is on the clock as assistant town attorney of Ramapo

Nyack attorney Dennis Lynch has taken the lead legal role representing yeshiva owners who are contesting a state Dept. of Education order for Rockland County government to take jurisdiction of fire inspections. Lynch and the yeshiva owners contend no such apportionment of authority exists under state law and further argue that County Executive Ed Day has an illegal bias against their community.

While Lynch’s argument will be hashed out in court, the public has even more controversy to consider revolving around the attorney himself.

The Rockland County Times previously reported that Mr. Lynch serves a role as special counsel to the Town of Stony Point-effectively serving as the town attorney for the past decade-and his stance stridently opposed to Day is likely rankle residents of the town who voted approximately 70 percent in favor of Day in the 2013 election.

Even more interesting is the fact that Lynch is the special counsel to the Town of Spring Valley and assistant town attorney of the Town of Ramapo, a fear-inspiring job if ever there was one considering to the FBI’s recent surveillance of town activities. The question arises, how many municipal jobs can one attorney honestly keep, and considering the omnipresence of yeshivas in the Town of Ramapo and the Village of Spring Valley, how can Lynch venture to represent a consortium of such men, while maintaining objectivity and the best interests of the village and town he is supposed to legally represent?

Rockland County never ceases to amaze.

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