Lynch’s in Stony Point: Familiar Faces, Excellent Food

By Col. Andrew J. Smith

1This month I chose a special place to eat which should be more widely known throughout the county. This is Lynch’s in Stony Point.

The owner, Kevin Lynch, is a lifelong town resident who takes special concern for the community. He always welcomes events for local benefits and causes.

In fact, the restaurant’s motto is, “We serve more than food; we serve the community.” On a personal level, Kevin is known for helping his neighbors who are going through rough patches in life.

Seating is prompt. The manager, Cindy, always comes around to see that everything is the way it should be. The dining room is situated away from the bar so that noise is not a problem and this is especially so on the north side.

The appetizers are varied and tasty. I chose for an entrée the Irish fish and chips. Being as I am not a potato eater I asked if I could have onions rings instead and substitution was not the least of a problem.

A basket of bread was always kept fresh in front of me. I have to say that I am not a fan of Irish soda bread but this was the best I ever had and I couldn’t get enough of it. They told me they get it at the Rockland Bakery, which explains its quality.

The main course was generous in size and nicely crisp as were the onion rings. After enjoying my meal, I rested, satisfied. In short, a meal at Lynch’s is always a treat, which I can recommend to anyone. The bill came to a comfortable $18.61.

What I didn’t know at the outset was that even though I arrived around 4 p.m., I was served from the punch menu and charged accordingly. This was a bonus I didn’t expect.

One extra benefit I always find pleasure in is seeing familiar faces and being a lifelong townie myself I can always expect this whenever I visit there.

So bring your friends and family and have a nice visit.

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