Reform Party declares all endorsements conditional on support for term limits


The New York State Reform Party on Wednesday reiterated that it will not consider granting ballot status to any candidate for state office in 2016 who does not demand a term limit vote on the floor of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate this year.

There are only weeks remaining in the 2016 legislative session. Several term limit measures have been introduced, including a bill sponsored by Republican majority state senators Phil Boyle (SD-4), George Amedore (SD-46), Richard Funke (SD-55), Kathleen Marchione (SD-43, Terrence Murphy (SD-40), Thomas O’Mara (SD-58), and Sue Serino (SD-41).

In addition, four Republican state senate candidates have pledged to demand a term limit floor vote if elected: Chris Jacobs (SD-60), Julie Killian (SD-37), Chris Davis (SD-44), and Chris McGrath (SD-9).
The Reform Party was created by supporters of Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in his race for governor in 2014. Its two principal positions are replacing Common Core with a better educational curriculum devised at the local level and term limits for state office holders. Mr. Astorino term limited himself to three terms as county executive in 2010.

The Reform Party also supports eliminating pensions for elected leaders who are convicted of serious crimes involving the misuse of their public offices.

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