Islamist’s massacre of gays in Orlando shocks nation

Forty-nine people were killed while another 53 were injured in a shooting possibly inspired by the terrorist group ISIS, in an Orlando nightclub this past weekend.

This act of violence, targeted directly at the LGBT community, has been described as the largest terrorist attack on American soil since September 11. There were 300 people in the club Saturday night into Sunday morning when the shooting began. The gunman took many hostages and held them for up to three hours before getting into a shootout with police that ended with the gunman’s death.

There has been debate over the involvement of ISIS with this case, with the organization taking credit but the gunman’s family coming out and saying that he was not religious. The gunman did pledge his allegiance to the group when he made a 911 call according to police.

There has also been a lot of talk since the attacks about gun regulations and LGBT rights. The LGBT community has united across the country in a sign of solidarity for those that lost their lives. There have been many vigils and ceremonies throughout the United States, many taking place at PRIDE centers.

A vigil was held in Rockland County at the court house Wednesday.

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