Rumors of a divorce at the Nyack law firm of Feerick, Lynch MacCartney and Nugent have been denied by the law partners themselves. Some of the firm’s own clients had told the Rockland County Times that Lynch would leave the firm he founded by the end of 2016. Word of change at the firm had spread throughout the Rockland legal community and even to officials in state government.

Each partner of the firm attached their name to the following statement: “Dennis Lynch is not leaving the firm, nor has his role with the firm changed. The firm remains Feerick, Lynch MacCartney and Nugent, PLLC.”

Lynch had been in the news a lot recently after clashing with County Executive Ed Day. Lynch had taken representation of a consortium of yeshivas seeking to mitigate a state mandate for county-led fire inspections of their facilities. The lawyer, meanwhile, advises two municipalities-the Village of Spring Valley and the Town of Ramapo-that deal often with those same yeshivas.

At the same time that Lynch has taken the legal side of Ramapo bloc vote interests, his firm partner Donald Feerick has taken representation of a group of Pearl River residents interested in turning the hamlet into a village, partly to defend against Ramapo interests buying up the community. This contradiction in interests was noted by many.

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