THE OMBUDSMAN’S ALERT: A Petition Challenging Microsoft’s “Forced” Imposition of Windows 10


The strong resentment expressed by a number of readers concerning this matter as reflected in a sample of three “letters to the editor” published by this newspaper on June 9, led this writer to further explore this matter on a national level.

To this end, this writer established contact with Best Buy, one of this nation’s largest sellers of PCs who also have a established network called the “Geek Squad” whose chief responsibility is to diagnose and correct problems with PCs throughout the United States.

In speaking with two different representatives, one in Tennessee and the other in Pennsylvania, this writer was presented with the astounding alleged statistic, that over the last several weeks, more than 50 percent of all of the complaints called into their Complaint Centers throughout the US concerned difficulties caused by the “forced” Windows 10 installation!

It is critical to note here that this “Geek Squad”, who manage all of these Complaint Centers, consist of more than 2000 individuals located throughout this country.

Entirely apart from this, PC users around the US have bonded together to create a Petition to challenge this “forced” imposition of Windows 10 by Microsoft.

If a reader would like to sign this Petition go to:

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