To the Editor,

It’s a shame Tom DePrisco would disparage legislation that virtually every East Rampo public school advocacy groups support and have been working day and night to get passed. Then again I can understand why he might be conflicted considering he is running to support the Republican Majority that blocked the original bill.

He’s also factually dead wrong in his description of the bill. The $3 million can and will go a long way toward restoring cut public school programs when considering that East Rampo has been seeing significant increases in other aid areas as Tom himself pointed out in and Op-Ed your paper ran in March. So which is it? Do they get too much aid, or not enough?

It’s also a flat out untrue for Tom to say “monitors assigned to East Ramapo will have even less authority than what was proposed last year.” The monitors not only continue to have their full authority, under the bill the State Education Commissioner will now have unprecedented ability to approve or reject any budget decision considered to be detrimental to the public school community.

I’m sure the community appreciates Tom’s newfound interest in the East Ramapo problem, however they might be better served if he spent his time lobbying his own Republican colleagues to approve the original bill instead of disparaging the efforts of those actually trying to improve the district.

Jay Martin
Chief of Staff
Senator David Carlucci

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