PRESS RELEASE FROM NRC: Indian Point 2 Shut Down due to Pipe Leak only Days after Reopening


At 0400 (EDT) on June 24, 2016, Indian Point Unit 2 initiated actions to commence reactor shutdown to comply with Technical Specification (TS) LCO 3.7.7, Condition B. TS LCO 3.7.7, Condition A had been entered at 0230 on June 21, 2016 in order to repair a leaking weld on the 20 inch service water pipe to nozzle weld on the 21 Component Cooling Water Heat Exchanger (CCW HX). Condition A allows 72 hours to restore the inoperable CCW train to service or Condition B is entered which requires the plant to be in Mode 3 in 6 hours and Mode 4 in 12 hours.

“The initiation of a nuclear plant shutdown required by TS requires a 4-hour report in accordance with 50.72(b)(2)(i) which is being made by this notification.” The licensee notified the New York Independent System Operator and the New York Public Service Commission. The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector.


BUCHANAN, NY – Control room operators at Entergy’s Indian Point Unit 2 nuclear power plant temporarily removed the plant from service this morning to complete weld repairs to a pipe that had been leaking a small amount of Hudson River water, and to enable workers from Con Edison to test a breaker in a switchyard located near Indian Point in the Village of Buchanan. The breaker can be tested only while electricity from Unit 2 is not being sent to the Con Edison-owned switchyard.

Engineers at the plant previously identified a small leak of Hudson River water from a pipe in a non-radioactive system, leaking at about one drop every five seconds. There is no ongoing leak and there was no challenge to safety, however the plant needs to be shut down for weld repairs to be completed, in accordance with NRC regulations.

The work by Con Edison to test a breaker in their Buchanan Switchyard is also planned while the plant is offline.

“By coordinating with Entergy, Con Edison workers can safely test this breaker while Indian Point 2 is shut down, thus improving electrical reliability for the area,” said Brian Horton, vice president of System Operation for Con Edison.

Indian Point Unit 2 generates about 1,000 megawatts – enough electricity for about 1 million homes in this area.

Indian Point Unit 3 is operating at full power and has been online continuously for 191 days.

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