Breakneck Pond: A hidden gem in Harriman


View from cabin that can accommodate 12 nature lovers
View from cabin that can accommodate 12 nature lovers

Breakneck Pond in Harriman State Park was a shambles—over the years, vandalism and Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on the campgrounds.  Many of the lean-tos and old cabins had been slowly ripped apart for firewood. Others just came to trash the place.

A $2 million investment by the Appalachian Mountain Club has turned Breakneck Pond from eyesore to eye candy.  Its 64-acre pond has a new boat launch, sand to dig your toes in and campgrounds that offer something for everyone. “This new AMC camp is going to be a wonderful outdoor program experience for years to come,” John D. Judge AMC President said.

Whether you’re into “roughing” it in a tent or prefer having a roof over your head, its many campsites also include lean-tos and a few full-service cabins with kitchens and full baths. A main dining hall offers family-style breakfasts and dinners-yes, you can BYOB if you are a guest—offering to-go deli lunches as well.

Pat O’Carroll, a lifelong resident of Rockland, has grown up around Breakneck Pond and loves the spot. Now, he and his family can camp there again. “It’s beautiful. I love this park and glad it was renovated. It really is a gem.”

If you’re looking for a special place to camp, have a family reunion (one of the full-service cabins can accommodate 12 people) and be WiFi free for the weekend—that’s if you can bear to be away from Facebook or work—all at reasonable prices.

Breakneck Pond is the perfect place to get in touch with your inner self—surrounded by first-class amenities and a beautiful view to go with it—as long as you’re willing to give up the World Wide Web for a few days and really get back to the garden. AMC’S Harriman Outdoor Center is also looking for part- and full-time help this summer.

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