Cousin of Zika Visits Rockland


Rockland officials announced this week that there is a known cousin to the Zika Virus-carrying mosquito living in the Rockland County and New York City Area. This cousin is not known to carry the virus but the Department of Health of Health is urging residents to take precautions against mosquitos.

With a large rainfall last week and a hot week in the forecast for Rockland County, mosquito season is well upon us. The best prevention for Zika Virus is to stay away standing water, to wear mosquito repellent, and to keep screens on all windows.

In your own home you can make an effort to keep all standing water to a minimum; even water bottle caps left outside during a rainfall can collect water where mosquitos will lay their eggs. It only takes about a week for mosquito eggs to hatch so quick action after a rainfall is key.
It is recommended to dump and scrub all standing water containers such as potted plant holders and bowls to prevent even a film for mosquito eggs. Paying attention to your natural surroundings and avoiding travel to South American and Mexico is the best way to avoid Zika Virus this summer. Visit for more tips and information.

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