DINNER IS SERVED– Where to Eat Out

The Mountain House, Sparkill, NY
By Col. Andrew J. Smith

MHMy favorite pizza place of all time will always be Annie’s Snack Shack which was in Stony Point for 55 years. It is so hard to believe that it is gone for nearly ten years already. But lacking Annie’s my favorite now is the Mountain House in Sparkill on Route 340. It is where I always took my mom for Mother’s Day dinner. Their pizza is nearly paper-thin and comes in a variety of combinations. I always opted for their half pizza of pepperoni and half tomato, basil and garlic. But for a change and to be daring today I broke with tradition and had their meatball parm hero with a house salad with honey-mustard dressing. For beverage I chose my usually seltzer with a lemon wedge.
It is a popular middle-class location with many regulars which tells you that they keep coming back for a reason. The bar is not far away but very orderly and polite which is nice for family dining.
The salad came in came at the same time as the meal which is what I ordered and was very tasty and the dressing very flavorful and covered the lettuce nicely. It was called a small salad but was as large as a medium at any other place. The meatballs were well-sized and very tasty with the right combination of cheese and Italian spices and plenty of mozzarella cheese melted all over it. It was just enough for my generous appetite and I felt full afterwards.
The help was always available if I needed them and very polite. The restrooms were clean and in order with plenty of soap and towels. Then menu had many choices and priced within most of our budgets. The bill came to a reasonable $19.70 and well worth the experience. I have always recommended it for a nice meal and social setting.

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