Resolution Approved to Fund Squires Gate/Lake Antrim Flood Mitigation Project

By Victoria Tanner

The Rockland County Legislature unanimously passed a bond resolution on Tuesday July 5, 2016 to finance The Squires Gate/Lake Antrim Area flood mitigation project.

Following Hurricane Floyd in 1999, residents of Squires Gate have been pushing their local and state government officials to protect them from flood damage.

Two residents and the mayor of Suffern, Ed Markunas, spoke during the public participation section of the legislature meeting. The residents spoke about the money needed to protect their homes.

“My house is an investment,” one resident said. “I love my community. All I’m asking you is to understand in the village of Suffern previous administrations, even the town of Ramapo, we have been promised to make progress. We take one or two steps forward and we’re being pushed back three.”

Markunas told the legislature he was representing the whole village and urged them to “take affirmative action” and pass the resolution that would enable a hydraulics study to take place.

“There’s gonna be a loss of life here soon,” Markunas said.

When the legislature reached the item on the agenda, the resolution passed unanimously by all 15 members in attendance voting for it.

“This is an example of the good things that government can do,” Chairman Alden Wolfe said as he voted yes to the resolution.

Following the vote Markunas stood up, along with his fellow Suffern residents, and applauded the legislature.

“Finally,” one of them said. “This is really good news.”

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