OMBUDSMAN ALERT: New York AG to pursue case against Microsoft for Windows 10 forced upgrade


In the wake of this column’s charges of “FORCED” imposition by Microsoft of Windows 10 on the operating systems of the computers of many of their customers, Attorney-General Eric Schneiderman is actively pursuing the cases of affected Microsoft customers for their alleged damages caused by the company in FORCING or DECEIVING them into accepting this upgrade.

In a late Tuesday afternoon telephone call made to this writer by Rachel Casey of the New York State Attorney-General’s Bureau of Internet and Technology, which investigates cases of INTERNET FRAUD, the Rockland County Times was praised for its unique efforts to reach out to the affected Microsoft customers and enable them to e-mail their complaints to us which, in turn, would be forwarded in one group to her for consideration of their possible damages.

Rachel Casey also suggested that an individual complaint not included in those already sent to the Puckland County Times could be separately e-mailed to IFRAUD@AG.NY.GOV, which would reach her directly for prompt consideration and possible action.

Ms. Casey also pointed out to this writer that besides the New York State Attorney-General, a number of Attorney-General of other states are also beginning to actively pursue cases against Microsoft for their residents similarly damaged by this “forced” update to Windows 10.

The Ombudsman Alert is authored by Rockland’s preeminent consumer advocate Dr. Louis Alpert, former long-time chairman of the Town of Clarkstown’s Consumer Affairs Commission and professor emeritus of mathematics, CUNY

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