County Requests Voluntary Water Conservation


County Executive Ed Day and Commissioner of Health Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert request residents and businesses be vigilant in their efforts to conserve water. Rockland’s water resources have been stressed as a result of below-average rainfall this spring. The total rainfall from March through June was 36% below average, impacting stream flow as well as surface and ground water levels.
“If our weather remains hot and dry, and our water usage remains high, mandatory water restrictions will likely be necessary,” said Dr. Ruppert.  Such restrictions are implemented to make sure there is sufficient water available for domestic use and fire protection. However, you can still do your part to conserve water voluntarily, and hopefully prevent the need for such restrictions.You should always use water wisely. For example, use low-flow shower heads and toilets, fix any leaks, sweep rather than wash paved surfaces, run only full loads in washing machines and dish washers, and don’t use toilets to dispose of tissues.
Reductions in lawn watering will have the biggest impact on summertime water demand. Current best practices for maintaining a healthy lawn recommend ½ inch of water twice per week (including, of course, any rainfall). With the exception of newly seeded areas or new sod installations, more frequent watering is unnecessary, and can even negatively impact your lawn. Please limit your watering now to no more than twice per week. You may be able to help avoid more extreme restrictions later.

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