Pearl River company wins $400M contract with U.S. Department of Defense, will add jobs in Rockland


Kevin Zugibe, president of Hudson Technologies (Photo by Kathy Kahn)
HAPPY MAN: Kevin Zugibe, president of Hudson Technologies
(Photo by Kathy Kahn)

Hudson Technologies, Inc. is adding a well-known entity to its list of clients: the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), which through its subsidiary the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) just inked a deal with the company for $400 million. It’s a five year contract with a five year renewable option to handle the military’s industrial gas needs, including reclaiming its refrigerants for re-use in an earth-friendly manner.

The publicly-traded company’s trademarked “Zugibeast”-a lean, mean cleaning machine that removes contaminants from refrigerants and reprocesses it, disposing of the pollutants in away that does not harm the earth’s ozone layer-was the brainchild and creation of Hudson Technology’s leader, engineer Kevin Zugibe.

The DLA is using compressed gases in a hundreds of ways, said Zugibe.

The fixed price contract it now holds with DOD is for the management and supply of refrigerants, compressed gases, cylinders and related items to U.S. installations around the world, primarily for the Armed Forces.

When it came to the competition, Hudson Technologies worked for two years to pass muster. As a result, the company will be adding some new staff to its Pearl River and Stony Point offices. “We have 50 or more locations around the country, but Pearl River is home,” said Zugibe. “We will be adding a few more jobs here and eventually creating more jobs throughout the country as we go forward.”

The economic stimulus for the county is one reason to celebrate, while the company raison d’etre is another. “We are committed to being environmentally-minded,” said Zugibe.

The re-use of refrigerants cuts down on waste and lessens the need to produce more of the gases. The Zugibeast’s proprietary RefrigerantSide® Service is just one of the many ways in which the company is working to leave the earth free from gases that can harm the atmosphere.

The company has worked on several major construction sites, including the original World Trade Center and the Freedom Tower, built after the September 11 attack on New York.  “We’re a small company, but our efficiency rating was what sold the DOD on Hudson Technologies… we have the technological savvy and dedication to get the job done, and we’re very proud to have been chosen.”

Business media reported that the company’s shares surged 35 percent on word of the contract. More information Hudson Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSDN) can be found on its website,



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