OMBUDSMAN ALERT: Science Fair in Danger!

How can we help guarantee the continued success of Rockland County S/I/T Science Fair?


The Science, Invention and Technology Exhibition (S/I/T fair) began in 1986 and is the only Rockland county-wide science fair.

It hosts approximately 350 students in grades 5 through 12 each year. The S/I/T Exhibition seeks to foster student interest in science, invention, and technology,and provide an opportunity for students to actively demonstrate what they are learning in these fields.

As a former college mathematics professor with 45 years of experience, having chaired the Marist College Mathematics Department and in more recent years serving the City University of New York where I am currently Professor Emeritus. It is my great concern that the Rockland County S/I/T Exhibition continues its vital mission to encourage our finest young mathematics and science scholars to develop into the fine scientists and mathematicians that are so critically needed in our country. I know how important this is for those highly talented students since I had the honor and privilege to serve as a judge in this Science Fair several years’ ago!

It is no secret that the USA has lagged behind so many other countries in the training  of our mathematics and science students, so that any further cut backs that would lessen the pursuit of excellence among our finest students would be truly devastating!

This writer asks the readers of this column to consider their participation in the activities of the Rockland County S/I/T Exhibition by offering to volunteer their services  in fundraising activities, participation as judges, encouraging highly qualified students to apply as candidates and calling for more media coverage of the Fair from newspaper, radio and television sources. This will enable the Rockland County S/I/T Exhibition to continue doing its superb job in helping to develop our finest mathematics and science students to become the future mathematicians and scientists of this county, state and nation.

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(Note: You can get more information at the S/I/T website

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