Open Letter from George Hoehmann to Ramapo Legislators and the Rockland County Legislature

Dear fellow public servants:

I find it troubling as to why the County Legislators representing the Town of Ramapo would turn your attention and focus to a disciplinary matter and suspension of Chief Sullivan.  This is clearly not a Ramapo affair.

As a lifelong Clarkstown resident and now Supervisor of Clarkstown, I find it troubling for many reasons:

·      First, you have consistently turned a blind eye to the pervasive and systemic corruption that has decimated Ramapo’s finances;

·      Second, you have consistently turned a blind eye to the failing conditions of the East Ramapo school district; and

·      Lastly, you have consistently turned a blind eye to the taxpayers who yearn for relief.

I was elected by the people of Clarkstown to rid our community of corruption and provide relief to the overburdened taxpayers of my town.

I urge you to focus your time and attention on issues that will provide real reform, not political nonsense.

If you truly believe the people of Ramapo elected you to spend your time on matters not involving Ramapo or the County, then the people deserve a refund.

Again, Ramapo’s rush to judgment in defense of Chief Sullivan’s is troubling and puzzling.  We in Clarkstown have witnessed what the leadership of Ramapo can do to a town and we respectfully decline your interference and intrusion.




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