Westrock Pools helps out family facing tragedy

123The Handsman family loved to go swimming in the Clarkstown public pools. It was always a joyous family activity.

Sad times hit the family in November when father, Alan Handsman, was diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma, a rare cancer of the blood.  He had a stem cell transplant in May and has to limit exposure to germs. This meant no more trips to the pool.

The family also could not afford a pool of their own due to rising medical costs. Handsman’s youngest daughter, Skylar, took matters into her own hands. Skylar wrote a heartfelt letter to Westrock Pools explaining her family’s situation and asking for help to get her own pool.  She offered all of her savings, amounting to $925.73

One Sunday morning the phone rang and mom Tara answered the phone. It was Andrew Bari, co-owner of Westrock Pools. Bari told Tara “someone has been reaching out to me, her name is Skylar.”

Bari told the family they would be giving them the pool that Skylar had wanted, free of charge. In addition to the free pool, Bari and co-owner Bobby Ball gave them free maintenance for life. Companies such as Rockland Tree and Bilco Electric have offered their services at no cost. According to Tara the kids have been in the pool every day since it’s been installed.

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