Why Trump Will Become the 45th President of the United States


The 45th president of the United States will be elected to undo the nearly irrevocable harm perpetrated by the 44th president and his administration.

Selling the idea of voting for Obama because he is black or voting for Hillary because she is a woman were marketing ploys that hoodwinked the nation.  It stopped the process of critical analysis and supplanted it with the feeling of self satisfaction to disprove any submerged sentiments of bigotry or misogyny. It fed into the notion of getting back at the establishment.  It was a calculated deception and it worked on manipulating the majority of the voters.

The political tactics of defamation are in full attack mode against Donald J. Trump.  The establishment elites are fearful of losing power and feel it slipping.  The media elites admit they underestimated the movement Trump had initiated. So from today till election day the vilification of Trump will be directed at you the voters with an onslaught of paid attack ads that we must simply become immune to.   Each attack ad is an admission they cannot defy the will of the voting public based in reality. So they must do all they can to manipulate the manipulable.  It is up to you to resist the brainwash coming your way.

Trump marshaled 10 million Republicans, many new voters among them, whom unmistakably rejected all of the establishment professional politicians.  That is the highest recorded win in GOP primary history.

The electorate is awakening and by November will be fully awoken.   The second American Revolution has arrived and fell upon the power elites  unprepared.  America is once again a rebel nation.

Unimaginable as it is but in the span of 11 months, Donald J. Trump dispatched all rivals, composed of the most well financed and political power hitters in the GOP establishment.  Trained debaters, Senators, Governors, Former Solicitor General’s, former Federal prosecutors and a family name that produced 2 Presidents among them.

The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic not a democracy.  A Constitutional Republic is rule by law and democracy is rule by the majority.  The left have tried to reprogram the citizenry into the notion that the measure of our free society is based on the fickle mood of public opinion at any given time it can be swayed, one way or the other by slick TV ads and not by the constant rule of law.
The contrast between Trump and Hillary are more than just left and right.  It is about right and wrong, freedom and slavery, liberty and tyranny.  In political terms this is a race between nationalism and globalism, democratic socialism and free market capitalism, fiscal collapse and economic prosperity.
What Trump accomplished in his acceptance speech was to condense the outcome of the Obama/Hillary policies into the bloody attacks of the last 37 days.   What Trump did was give the American people an executive summary of our current situation in real life terms.  It was a board room assessment of identifying the problem, so as to craft the appropriate solution through a plan of action.

Trump truthfully detailed the problem and followed with a viable approach.  We are citizen stockholders in the U.S.A.  The stockholder report indicated that our financial burden was on the verge of collapse because our debt margin exceeds our current income by cosmic measurements.  Our economic growth is stagnant and sputtering into a downward spiral.   $20 Trillion dollars is a mind boggling numerical figure.   This may be a bleak economic report but that is where we are today.

Trump did not concoct our Trillions in debt, nor our failure to deter Islamist terrorist attacks, nor did he mismanage our military deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor the politically fueled hatred towards law enforcement nor widen the divisions of class envy.  He did not enact the disastrous policies of regime change nor spur the refugee crisis it spawned and unleashed the invasion of Europe.

Trump did not impotently respond with a hashtag campaign against the Islamists beheadings of Christians and kidnapping of virgin girls to be sold as sex slaves in open markets in West Africa and Northern Iraq and South East Syria.  He did not coddle the Iranian Mullahs with billions of dollars nor prop up the emerging Islamist regime in Turkey that is supporting ISIS.   No, Obama, Hillary, Kerry and their Administration created these crises inside our own borders and globally.

What Trump did was give the American people a brutally honest assessment.  We have been lied to for so long that it is become a new normal since it is abetted by a dishonest media elite.  So called journalist have squandered any trust we may have had in them.

Which brings me to the point of why Trump sounds harsh to the ears accustomed to the lies fed us on a daily basis by a dishonest Administration and a complicit left wing media.  Our ears are unaccustomed to listening to harsh reality.  Our minds are not programmed for unvarnished truth.  The Obama Administration speaks to us in euphemisms.  Hillary speaks to us as if we are her pet poodle.

The standard of measure the American citizen of the last 20 years have for a President were Bill Clinton, who was impeached for lying to a Grand Jury.  A penalty punishable by jail time had it been you or I.  G.W. Bush who led an angry nation into a war of conquest into Iraq that failed miserably, to Barack Hussein Obama, who presided over the bloodiest attacks on U.S. soil by Islamist terrorist, an unbroken string of foreign policy disasters, mismanaged military tactics in Iraq and Afghanistan, intelligence leaks of astounding proportions, and the worst economy since Jimmy Carter.

Now, the choice before the American people, so conditioned without any other barometer of measurement are faced with the choice of Hillary Clinton, with a long record of lies and criminal malfeasance and an outsider named Donald J. Trump, who has a career of wealth and job creation in an economy as miserable as this.

Ask yourself, If Hillary offered you the position of Ambassador to Libya, would you go work for her?

If Trump offered you an executive position in project development, would you take the the job?

If Hillary came to you for a job that involved creating personal wealth for your family and Trump interviewed for the same job; which would you hire?

This is not a personality or a beauty contest.  This election is about who has the skill sets to create jobs, spur economic growth, and get Americans back to making money while keeping the government off their back.  If this economy continues to shrink while our debt bubble continues to grow, our currency will implode and our Constitution will go with it.

Any nation that does not own their national currency, loses their sovereignty to whomever does. This election finds us at a historic crossroads and you hold the fate of our national future by your vote.  Vote wisely and Trump will become the 45th President of the United States.
Originally published by the Rockland Voice

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