Stewart bows out; Chris Day confirms he is interested in running for Orangetown supervisor

Three-term Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart (D) has announced that he will not be seeking a fourth term in office in 2017.

“I believe six years in office is time enough to serve well and accomplish many goals without becoming politically entrenched, and to leave while I am still very excited about the work I do everyday,” said Stewart. “I never promised, and have never sought, a career in politics and I’m very excited to find new ways to serve my community and country in the years to come.”

Will Chris Day be the next supervisor of Orangetown?
Will Chris Day be the next supervisor of Orangetown?

Former Congressional candidate Chris Day (R) has confirmed he is “leaning strongly” toward running for the position next year.

Day, a decorated Army caption who saw action in Afghanistan and who hold two Ivy League degrees, is the son of Rockland County Executive Ed Day (R). In 2014 he ran a tough race for District 17’s Congressional seat against longtime incumbent Nita Lowey (D), earning 46 percent of the vote despite being outspent by a 10:1 margin.

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