GOSHEN COURTING LEGOLAND: Orange County village confirms water and sewer service available

While the project caused many North Rockland hesitation, a community in Orange County is putting the green lights on for Legoland and seeking to ease local tax burdens, as well. The Village of Goshen Board of Trustees passed a resolution Monday night to provide water and sewer service to the proposed theme park.

After engaging an engineer to conduct an independent water and sewer system analysis, the village deemed that its water and sewer systems are sufficient to supply service to Legoland New York. To ensure the future water needs of the village are met, Legoland New York will pay for the village’s development of additional water resources, the board said.

By purchasing water and sewer service from the Village of Goshen, Legoland New York will provide a significant revenue source to the village. Based on anticipated usage, Legolanmd New York will pay the village approximately $900,000 per year.

“We are very pleased that the Village of Goshen has confirmed its availability and willingness to supply water and sewer service, which is crucial to the Legoland New York project,” said Phil Royle, head of Community and Project Relations for Legoland New York. “This provides important infrastructure needs for us to move forward.”

“I strongly support this preliminary agreement between the Village Board and Merlin,” Village of Goshen Mayor Kyle Roddey said. “Under the terms in the resolution, Merlin will fund the development of a new well on the village owned property in the Town of Wallkill so there will be no impact on the village’s current water supply. Based on flow projections and the rates outlined in the resolution, Merlin will pay the village over $900,000 annually for water and sewer service. This preliminary agreement achieves all the objectives outlined by the Village Board at the onset of these negotiations. It maintains sufficient water and sewer capacity for current users and future village growth while providing a financial benefit to village ratepayers.”

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