Carlucci, Jaffee and CUPON Leadership Call on the Department of State to Hold Public Hearing to Address Aggressive Solicitation


Senator David Carlucci, Assemblymember Ellen Jaffee and Orangetown Deputy Supervisor Allan Ryff, Orangetown Town Clerk Charlotte Madigan, and CUPON leadership Hilda Moscovik and Mike Miller called upon the Department of State (DOS) to hold a public hearing to address the aggressive solicitation that has been occurring in Rockland County, however the state has not given any time frame. In past meetings with legislators, DOS has promised a public hearing to address the situation with no avail.

Over the last few months numerous community members have reported to both, Senator Carlucci and Assemblymember Jaffee’s office that they have been experiencing, sometimes up to two or three times a day, individuals stopping by their homes asking if they would like to sell their property and often times, in an aggressive manner. Both legislators have submitted two batches of documents that the DOS requested and there has been little response from the state. The Senator and Assemblymember are requesting that DOS hold an investigatory hearing to determine what the best course of action is to address this issue in Rockland County.

Leadership from CUPON brought a portfolio to the press conference with many different mailings and evidence of aggressive and possibly illegal solicitation reported by members of the community. The legislators and CUPON thanked members of the community for their reporting and ask that others come forward as well to provide evidence in order to have the strongest public hearing possible.

“Senator Carlucci and Assemblymember Jaffee’s leadership on this issue is a perfect example of Government doing their job and addressing issues that matter to the community,” said Orangetown Deputy Supervisor, Allan Ryff.

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