Local Author Publishes Fun Children’s Book – “Cozy Rosy Learns to Clean Her Room”


81i2wX7zv1LLongtime Rockland resident Chaya Reich has wanted to write a children’s book for some time now. Reich, a lecturer on relationships, has a positive message for kids and her very first book, “Cozy Rosy Learns To Clean Her Room,” has parents and kids laughing as they gain new organizational skills in a unique way.

The book centers around a precocious girl named Rosy, who “loves to sing and loves to dance but not to clean no way no chance!” Through natural consequences and a mother “unlike any other,” Rosy learns a fun routine to keep her room perfectly clean!

Told in rhyming lyrical verse, the book is enjoyable for children of all ages, and has received incredible feedback since hitting the shelves three months ago.

Lessons abound in this book – and not just for children. According to Reich, in an interview with the Rockland County Times, the lesson for parents is “to allow their children to have natural consequences.” In other words, give your children the space to see how their decisions, such as not cleaning their room, have consequences, as Rosy discovered when one week later there were no clothes to wear, and all she could find was a bow for her hair! (every mother and grandmothers favorite line).

For children, the lessons are clear. “Have self-confidence in who you are even if you’re messy,” says Reich, noting that it’s understandable for children to be naturally messy, but it’s easy to discover how to get organized, as Cozy Rosy learned to do with the help of her mother. “I was a Cozy Rosy when I was a kid,” she added laughingly.

The book provides an easy system of organizing things into their proper places, and throwing out the things we all know aren’t needed at all. With the start of the school year approaching, Reich pointed out that too many children have similar issues organizing their backpacks and desks at school.

The book features incredibly well-done illustrations on each page, skillfully drawn by a first-time illustrator. The font of the book was also customized for young readers to be able to read better.

Two additional features of the book are the inclusion of a “scavenger hunt” at the end of the book, as well as an accompanying CD. The scavenger hunt lists items found all over the book in Rosy’s room for children to find, and the CD features an interactive reading of the book skillfully performed by different members of the author’s family, as well as a very catchy song that has hit a note with readers of all ages – including adults.

As for what’s next for Cozy Rosy, Reich noted that a journey of self-discovery will be featured in a new book, “Cozy Rosy Learns To Be Herself,” which will be available in December. Rosy, who tries to be like everyone else in order to fit in, eventually learns to find her own identity.

“Cozy Rosy Learns To Clean Her Room” is available on Amazon and in select local bookstores. The author is available to speak to children in schools or other settings to spread Cozy Rosy’s lessons on organization, and can be reached at Chaya@cozyrosybooks.com.

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