NIMBY group forms to fight Orange County Legoland

GOSHEN – A new group comprised of residents of Goshen, has been formed to fight the Legoland theme park proposed for the Town of Goshen.

Concerned Citizens of the Hudson Valley, represented by attorney Michael Sussman, believes a supermajority, not a simple majority of the Goshen Town Board is needed to approve any zoning changes on the property upon which Merlin Entertainment wants to build its third American theme park. That means four, not three members of the five-person town board would have to approve any changes.

The organization has garnered petitions with a majority of the property owners adjacent to the property upon which Merlin has an option to purchase, calling for the town board to conduct the state-required environmental quality review of the impacts of the facility. The town board has said the planning board was conducting the environmental reviews, which Sussman said under the law is illegal.
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