IS HE A SPY OR DETECTIVE? Countersuit says Cole-Hatchard used position to target enemies


Supervisor George Hoehmann and members of the Clarkstown Town Board have replied to a lawsuit filed by Police Chief Michael Sullivan against them in which Sullivan alleges he’s been wrongfully suspended.

In the same legal document they have countersued Stephen Cole-Hatchard and two other “John Doe” members of the Clarkstown PD. Hoehmann and the board, represented by attorney William Harrington, allege in the countersuit that Cole-Hatchard  had been operating more as a political henchman than a police detective, abusing powers while on the job.

The countersuit states that a town board review of police activity revealed Cole-Hatchard and others monitored the social media pages of the supporters police reform efforts while on duty. The countersuit also incredibly cites a document retrieved from police email in which Cole-Hatchard at Chief Sullivan’s request renders a searing four-page long hit piece against Sheriff Louis Falco.

Portions of the document revealed in the lawsuit describe Falco with rhetoric more severe than any used by Falco’s electoral opponent Richard Vasquez or County Executive Ed Day when he tried to reduce the size of Falco’s Sheriff’s Patrol. Hoehmann has indicated in interviews he believes officers in the Strategic Intelligence Unit, which Cole-Hatchard led, were improperly monitoring citizens and using the office in a politicized manner.

Cole-Hatchard is a former Stony Point councilman and continues to be politically involved in the county. His own lawsuit states he was demoted because he got too close to the truth about Hoehmann’s campaign finance history and relationship with former Clarkstown police officer Michael Garvery, who has sought reinstatement to the force.

If you want to read the entire brutal hit piece against Falco written by Cole Hatchard and possibly other CPD officers images are attached to this story. Click the first image to open the photo gallery and browse page by page.

: If you are a fan or friend of Falco, you might not want to read these ugly words.

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