Decision on Indian Point relicensing could take another year or more

indian pointBUCHANAN – The decision on whether to grant new operating licenses for the Indian Point nuclear power plants in Buchanan may be another year or more off.

Proceedings are continuing by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission with the issues being examined, but the issue of broken or missing baffle bolts may push the process back further, said NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan.

“They are seeing some progress on some of the other outstanding issues, but because of the baffle bolts issue and the expectation that there will be some contentions related to that, that is going to ensure that the proceeding is pushed at least into 2017 if not farther down the road,” Sheehan said.

Opponents of relicensing say the plants are old and no amount of upgrading will make them safe, given their proximity to the large New York metropolitan area. Supporters believe the facilities are up-to-date and provide a major shot in the arm to the economy.

From Mid Hudson News

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