She’s America’s Darling! Suffern’s Grace Vanderwaal wins first place on America’s Got Talent

Photo credit: NBC

Grace Vanderwaal has done it. The 12-year-old Suffern resident has gone from obscurity to champion of America’s Got Talent, clearly outshining the field with her original folksy music and unique crooning voice.  Her songs featured lyrics uncanny in their wisdom for a person only 12-years-old.

The victory is most likely the launching point for a long career. Judge Simon Cowell said Vanderwaal could be “the next Taylor Swift.” Another judge on the show, comedian and actor Howie Mandel, made promoting Vanderwaal’s candidacy his personal mission.

The prize for first place on the highly-rated talent competition is a cool million dollars, not to mention multiple millions in exposure to potential fans. Some of Vanderwaal’s online videos have reached over 100 million viewers.

Grace Vanderwaal. She’s not just a shooting star. She’s a talent you’ll be hearing a lot from, for many years to come.

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