Colin Schmitt, the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform Party candidate for the 99th Assembly District, on Tuesday, September 20 challenged his opponent, James Skoufis, to a series of three debates.

Schmitt said, “Our neighbors in the 99th Assembly District deserve the chance to hear from both candidates. The 2016 Election is a pivotal one for the future of our community and state. A series of three debates would provide a perfect chance to discuss our records, such as my opponent’s record of voting 97 percent of the time with the NYC de Blasio Democratic machine, and our plans for the future. I hope my opponent will agree to give all voters a chance to hear from us.”

WTBQ radio has already agreed to host one of the debates live on air.

Skoufis responded to a query from the Rockland County Times about Schmitt’s proposed debates. He stated, “I look forward to a vigorous debate on the issues, such as my opponent’s criticism of the property tax cap as a ‘feel-good measure,’ which stands in stark contrast to my strong support of the measure.  We don’t need more tax and spend politicians in Albany.

“To that end, I’ve already agreed to two candidate forums: one hosted by the Goshen Chamber of Commerce and one on Lorraine McNeil’s WTBQ radio show.  It’s unclear why my opponent has either forgotten about these events or is purposefully omitting them in order to try and fabricate a story.  Likewise, News 12 has hosted debates in past elections which I look forward to participating in if invited again this year.”

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