Orangetown residents mad over fumes from Aluf Plastics facility


Orangeburg, NY- Over 20 residents from the Orangeburg, Blauvelt, Pearl River-area showed up at the Greenbush Auditorium Wednesday night mostly to complain to the town’s Zoning Board about fumes coming from the Aluf Plastics facility in Orangeburg. The residents indicated they feared the plant is polluting the air with toxins.

Aluf Plastics Inc. on Glenshaw St. in Orangeburg manufactures a wide range of industrial liners as well as other plastic products. The smell of the air was described by one resident as a “burning of plastic and strong floral” smell for four or five years now.

Complainants said Aluf has been ignoring the complaints. On May 25, 2016 a representative of Aluf was quoted in an email responding to a complaint saying, “We are trying our best and will improve our situation shortly.”

The attorney representing Aluf at the meeting stated he would not answer most of the residents’ questions until he spoke with Aluf Plastics owner, John Giodella. Orangetown residents and officials will have to wait at least 30 days for another meeting about the issue to come to order.

The Aluf attorney did claim the odor produced by Aluf Plastics was tested by the DEC and is non-hazardous.

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