It remains to be seen whether she will testify against lover/codefendant Dr. Ira Bernstein in return for leniency  


635978720663323715-GribelukIn a surprise move in court, Kelly Gribeluk pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy in connection with the plot to kill Susan Bernstein, the estranged wife of her boyfriend Ira Bernstein, a local podiatrist.

Gribeluk, a mother of three children, appeared in court dressed in a black business suit rather than the orange prison jumpsuit that she has worn to her prior Court appearances. In her plea, Gribeluk answered questions from Judge David Zuckerman and admitted that she was, in fact, guilty of the charges against her.

Upon accepting her guilty plea, Judge Zuckerman ordered that her bail be reduced from $600,000 to $50,000 with the condition that she wears a GPS monitoring bracelet on her ankle until her sentencing on January 3, 2017.

Gribeluk’s plea raises serious questions as to the defense that Ira Bernstein continues to raise. By definition, a conspiracy requires two or more people to agree to commit a crime together with an overt act in furtherance of the agreement.

Although Bernstein and Gribeluk were indicted under the same indictment, the court has treated the two defendants separately. It is unclear whether Gribeluk would testify against Bernstein if his case goes to trial. Assistant District Attorney Richard Kennison Moran made no representations as to whether Gribeluk was offered any type of promise by the prosecution at her sentence.

Bernstein is scheduled to appear in Court on October 4, 2016 to determine if the case is ready for trial. Bernstein continues to assert his “not guilty” plea in connection with the same charges that Gribeluk has now pled guilty to.

Gribulek is the former Kelly Myzner, a one time ultra-Orthodox wife and mother whose custody case made headlines due to accusations that Judge Sherri Eisenpress had a religious bias in favor of her husband.

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