Dinner Is Served – Eating Out Around the County: Finn’s Paradise Pizza in Stony Point


Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 1.03.23 PMI have been hearing about “Finn’s Paradise Pizza” in Stony Point.

At first I thought, “Hmm, Irish pizza…sounds novel,” but maybe not so novel because I once went to a place called, “Haus Murphy,” a genuine Bavarian bier hall owned by an Irishman in Glendale, Arizona. Even the geography was out of place for the occasion, but the food, the atmosphere right down the the oompah band playing, and even the German-speaking help (with whom I spoke German and even won a door prize for doing so) all conspired to make it genuine.

So I decided to try my luck with Italian food made by an Irishman.

The owner is Geoff Finn who was a two-term supervisor for the town of Stony Point. I spoke to him about his business and experience in public life and he said that he felt it was time to bow out of politics after 10 years on the town board. He said that he did miss some things about public office but for the most part he was happy being back in his restaurant focusing on the business he’s been running most of his adult life.

Finn is enjoying serving food to friendly patrons after surviving the pressure cooker of public office
Finn is enjoying serving food to friendly patrons after surviving the pressure cooker of public office

After perusing the menu, which was very impressive for a mom and pop type establishment, I settled upon having the Caesar salad with the linguine with red clam sauce and my usual seltzer. It came in rapid order and was very nice indeed. The salad was crisp and nicely seasoned with Caesar’s dressing and I enjoyed it.

The linguine was piping hot and mildly seasoned just enough so as not to overpower the sauce and clams. I also got a basket of bread just warm enough to melt the butter and I had only finished about half of it when the meal came.

The portion was just right for me as I felt comfortably full. I also ran into someone I knew from the distant past and we had a nice reunion chit chat which is one thing that Stony Point still offers; i.e. familiarity of the faces you see.

Not only was the meal very enjoyable but I have to report that the place was immaculately clean, including the bathroom facility. And it was friendly and quiet making it just right for family dining.

The total price for my meal was only $10.90, which was quite a bargain. So I recommend the experience.

Finn’s opponent in the 2013 Stony Point supervisor’s race was none other than this newspaper’s publisher Dylan Skriloff. Skriloff recommended, “Finn has good food and good pizza. If you haven’t already, support a local family business and give his place a try.”

Paradise Pizza is located at 160 N Liberty Dr #9 near Stony Food n’ News and the Tomkins Cove Post Office.

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