It Still Hurts 236 Years Later! Haverstraw presents “Rendezvous with Treason”

1 2 3Haverstraw’s 400th Anniversary Committee presented “Rendezvous with Treason” at the Haverstraw Elks this past Sunday.

In this play, reenactors Gary Petaine and Sean Grady brought Benedict Arnold and Major Andre to life in an entertaining, interactive, and dramatic program.

The attendees spent an afternoon with our country’s most notorious antihero, Benedict Arnold and his partner to treason, Major Andre. This duo almost succeeded in destroying the fight for American independence. It was in Haverstraw where they met and negotiated the treasonous scheme to sell the plans for West Point.

The reenactors made a point to also highlight Arnold’s great successes for the revolutionary cause prior to his switching sides. They portrayed him as a complicated character.

In addition to the play, there was a dinner and tricky tray raffles.

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