Stony Point man buys Larkin’s gas station

Jim Maher, new owner of Rockland County's northernmost gas pump
Jim Maher, new owner of Rockland County’s northernmost gas pump

Promises to continue rare tradition of “full service” at no additional cost


Stony Pointer Jim Maher has stepped up to continue the tradition of full service gas service at the former Larkin’s gas pump and auto repair shop, Rt. 9W in Tomkins Cove, the northernmost gas station in Rockland County.

Prior to purchasing the 9W shop, Maher owned the Round the Clock Towing company and worked regularly with the late Pat Larkin. Mr. Larkin was well known in Stony Point, working at the station since the early 1940s around age 10 and eventually becoming owner while still in his 20s, continuing to run it until his death New Year’s Day 2016 at age 86.

Maher noted the location has been a gasoline pump dating back even decades before Larkin. “I really like the fact it’s a landmark. Everyone knows the building,” the 29-year-old Maher said.

Pat Larkin’s son Tom said he is happy a local person looking to stay a long time in the location bought the station, because it reminds him of how his dad started out.

Maher said for a two month period the station will be unbranded after which it will become a Sunoco.

Originally from West Haverstraw, Maher graduated NRHS in 2005.

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