Gay Marriage Explored in “Daniel’s Husband” at Penguin Rep, Stony Point


Daniel wants marriage and a husband. Mitchell, his longtime lover, doesn’t want to be categorized and this leads to relationship tension.

This is the plot of an interesting look into marriage and the gay community. It gets intense as Daniel and Mitchell delve into an unhappy childhood memories as Daniel remembers his mother demeaning his father and his need to show the world that he and Mitchell are in love.

The couple had been together for seven years and with gay marriage recently legalized, Daniel says now is the time to tie the knot. All this is witnessed by another gay couple, Trip and Barry, who seem content to stay as they are but listen with sympathy to the argument between Daniel and Mitchell.

After Daniel suffers a major health problem, Daniel’s mother enters into the controversy as she is shocked to Daniel bedridden. She wants to bring Daniel under her own roof for medical care.

Mitchell strongly opposes this and a custody fight commences! Due to their not being married, Mitchell’s legal position is weak.

With more at stake than ever, will Mitchell reconsider his decision not to marry Daniel?

Directed by Penguin’s artistic director, Joe Brancato, the show features actors Ryan Spahn as Daniel, Mathew Montelongo as Mitchell, Lou Liberatore as Barry and Anna Holbrook as Daniel’s mother. “Daniel’s Husband,” written by Michael McKeever, is a look at gay marriage and the reaction of all those involved. It gets your attention.

I rate ” Daniel’s Husband” Three out of Four Stars!

Catch it weekends through October 16 at Penguin Rep, Crickettown Road, Stony Point, the gutsiest little theatre off-Broadway. Contact penguinrep.or or call 845 -786-2873.

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