TZ PROGRESS: All Westbound Girder Assemblies Successfully Installed


Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) has installed the final steel girder assembly for the new westbound span. More than 100 similar girder assemblies have been installed on the new approach spans, with many sections weighing more than 700 tons. These massive assemblies rest atop the new bridge’s concrete piers, and in turn support the new road deck. The assemblies also include infrastructure to carry communications, electrical power, water and compressed air to support bridge operations.

TZC fabricated each of these enormous assemblies at the project’s Port of Coeymans facility in Albany County. The 16-acre facility provides direct access to the Hudson River, allowing TZC to transport the girder assemblies to the project site in less than a day. The assemblies were then installed at the bridge site with the I Lift NY super crane, the only machine on the project capable of raising the massive structures.

The super crane will now perform various lifts for the eastbound bridge in Rockland. After undergoing maintenance, the super crane next year will assist with the demolition of the existing bridge and completion of the eastbound span.

Main Span Tower Progress

The new bridge’s westbound towers are reaching their ultimate height, 419 feet above the Hudson River. TZC is removing the first pair of the project’s blue jump forms this week as the towers are completed. TZC is scheduled to complete all four westbound towers within the coming weeks.

Main Span Cable Installation

TZC continues to install the new westbound span’s stay cable system. The stay cables are comprised of numerous metal strands, tightly packed in a protective sheath. After the initial installation process, TZC will install additional strands inside the sheath to provide further strength.

TZC will install new structural steel sections and stay cables on alternating sides of the towers as work continues. TZC will also place precast concrete deck panels on the erected steel sections to provide a base driving surface.

Maintenance Dock Construction

TZC will continue constructing a New York State Thruway Authority maintenance dock near the new bridge’s Rockland landing. The work involves partially dismantling the existing work trestle that was used to construct the westbound span of the new bridge. Work will take place during daytime hours and is expected to conclude later this year.

Additional work includes:

• Main span tower construction

• Support for river-based work from the Rockland trestle

• Rockland landing foundation

• Survey inspections on the existing bridge

• Utility work at the Westchester landings

• Girder assembly placement

• Bridge road deck installation

• Concrete roadway placement at bridge landings

• Drainage structure installation

• Maintenance facility construction in Tarrytown

• Soil boring in South Nyack

• Pier foundation work


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